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Research Capabilities

Field & Tab

Mitra Market Research has its own field infrastructure with national coverage in all markets, supported by in-house data entry teams. We run large tracking studies around the region.

Operations Infrastructure

In each market we have our own in house field management, field quality control and data processing teams. We have central location testing space in all our offices which can be utilized for product tests, advertising tests and CAPI interviewing and CATI stations.

Field Quality Control

Our field management consists of national field managers, supervisors and team leaders all of who work exclusively for Mitra Market Research.
We have field interviewer teams in all markets that are experienced, freelancers, many of whom have been working with Mitra Market Research on a repeat basis for several years.

  • We provide each interviewer with the knowledge and skills needed for his job-function through the combination of Initial training, on-going training, and refresher training.
  • We promote quality awareness